SPE 20488

Organic Oil Recovery - Resident Microbial Enhanced Production Pilot in Bahrain. Organic Oil Recovery: Tatweer Petroleum has been involved in a Pilot study to determine the efficacy of Organic Oil Recovery (OOR).

SPE 124319

MEOR Success in Southern Saskatchewan: Husky Energy: Documents oil production increases of: 225%, 450%, 100% and 533% on various test wells.

SPE 129742

MEOR Success in Southern California: Venoco Inc.: Documents oil production increases of: 300%, 15%, 27%, and 752% on various well tests in Southern California.

SPE 145054

What Has Been Learned From 100 MEOR Applications: Husky, Venoco, & Titan Oil Recovery: 100 Applications documenting an average oil production increase of 127% from pre‐treatment rates to post‐treatment maximum rates.

SPE 154216

A Texas MEOR Application Shows Outstanding Production Improvement: Atinum E&P, Inc.: Documents oil production increases ranging from 25‐90% with a dramatic reduction of water cut.

Case Studies

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Case Study

MOL Hungary

Algyő field is Hungary’s largest oil and gas accumulation located SE of the country close to the Serbian border. The field was discovered in 1965 and is a multi-reservoir field with three main reservoirs including Algyő-2 with the OOR pilot well A-290. The pilot (ISMRA) on our Algyő well A-290 was successful. The water analysis in the OOR lab showed good microbial response after the treatment with multiple growth of the original microbe count. The growth of microbes resulted in a decrease in water cut which increased net oil production.

Case Study

North Sea Pilot

The Scott Field, located in the UK Central North Sea, is in a mature stage of development. The oil field is developed in the highly-productive Upper Jurassic Humber Group sandstones of Oxfordian to Kimmeridgian age. The field was discovered in 1983, sanctioned in 1990, and produced first oil in 1993.

Case Study

Offshore CA.

Sockeye Field is located in the Santa Barbara Channel, Offshore California. The Sockeye Field reservoir is a broad NW-SE trending double-plunging anticline. It produces from five reservoirs; Montery formation, Upper Topanga Sands, Lower Topanga Sands, Middle Sespe and Lower Sespe. The field was discovered in 1970 with Platform Gail set in 739-ft of water in 1987. The Upper Topanga contains sour oil while the Lower Topanga contains light, sweet oil.

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