Organic Oil Recovery: Low Cost & Effective Enhanced Oil Recovery

Organic Oil Recovery is an important advancement in enhanced oil recovery technology. It is low cost and requires no capital expense. It works within 10 days after a single well application. It is proven, effective and low cost onshore and offshore. It is biodegradable. The success rate on Injector wells is 98%.


Increase in Oil Reserves
Water Cut Decrease
Increase in the Oil Production
Fully Bio-degradable
Proven Science
Low Risk
Low OPEX Cost

(no CAPEX)

Higher Economic Limit
<6 Months

to Pilot Implementation

Well Bore Cleaning Effect

Low Concentrations

No Change in Fluid Separation
Simple Equipments

& low water volume

Offshore & Onshore;

Producer & Injector Wells

Activate Shut-in Producing Wells
Reduces H2S
High Success Rates
Safe Treatments

About Titan

Providing oil recovery services globally since 2007. The company's technology applies the proprietary Titan Process; a state-of-the-art organic oil recovery method for extracting oil from existing oil fields. The successes of the Titan Process now commonly called Organic Oil Recovery ™ is well documented. To find out more, click the button below.

  • A new approach with microbes for enhanced oil recovery.
  • Resident microbes are the closest source of energy to oil droplets trapped in pore spaces.
  • Allow the microbes to create micro-droplets of oil that can flow more easily through the reservoir pore matrix.
    • Low cost to implement / low risk
    • No capital outlay required
    • Production increases usually within 2–12 weeks
    • 100% environmentally friendly—no microbes or harmful chemicals are injected—biodegradeable
    • Decreases lifting costs
    • Life of field is extended for many years
    • Costly oil field shutdown expenses postponed
    • Best applied to waterfloods
    • True Enhanced Recovery, not accelerated
    • Declines altered
    • Water cut decreases

    Hunting Energy Services -
    Our Partner in 29 Countries


    unting is the world’s oldest oil service company, established over 140 years ago. The company provides products and services to the upstream oil and gas industry. Sales and service operations are located in the major oil centres of the world, comprising over eighty company owned facilities and a network of more than sixty licensed partners.

    From this global footprint, the company’s sales, service, and manufacturing can meet virtually any customer requirement with a full range of applications above and below the wellhead.

    Regarding Organic Oil Recovery, Hunting states:

    “Combining petroleum engineering and breakthrough biotechnology, the process produces more oil, lowers lifting costs and allows the optimization of a field’s potential.

    The technology is a breakthrough in low cost, no capital required oil recovery offering oil operators an advanced, state-of-the-art secondary and tertiary oil recovery technology.”

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