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Society of Petroleum Engineers Papers Published

These Papers were selected for presentation and officially approved for publication by: The Program Committee for the 2009 SPE Annual Technical Conference in New Orleans, Louisiana 4‐7 October 2009; The Program Committee for the 2010 SPE Improved Oil Recovery Symposium in Tulsa, Oklahoma 24 ‐28 April 2010; The SPE Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Enhanced Oil Recovery Conference July 2011; The SPE Tulsa Improved Oil Recovery Symposium April 2012.
SPE 124319
MEOR Success in Southern Saskatchewan: Husky Energy: Documents oil production increases of: 225%, 450%, 100% and 533% on various test wells.
SPE 129742
MEOR Success in Southern California: Venoco Inc.: Documents oil production increases of: 300%, 15%, 27%, and 752% on various well tests in Southern California.
SPE 145054
What Has Been Learned From 100 MEOR Applications: Husky, Venoco, & Titan Oil Recovery: 100 Applications documenting an average oil production increase of 127% from pre‐treatment rates to post‐treatment maximum rates.
SPE 154216
A Texas MEOR Application Shows Outstanding Production Improvement: Atinum E&P, Inc.: Documents oil production increases ranging from 25‐90% with a dramatic reduction of water cut.