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23Oct '18

Titan moving into Growth Phase

The 3rd and 4th Quarter have been very busy for Titan. Titan is now moving into a growth phase that should mark the beginning of “industry adoption” of the Titan Process. Below are some recaps of our progress . . .

28Mar '18

Hunting accesses microbe stimulating enhanced oil recovery technology

Hunting PLC has signed a collaboration agreement with enhanced oil recovery company Titan Oil Recovery Inc. allowing it to add Organic Oil Recovery (OOR) to its list of TEK-Hub products and technologies focused on enhancing production in late field life . . .

26Mar '18

Hunting Signs Collaboration Agreement with Titan Oil Recovery Inc.

Hunting PLC, the international energy services company, today announced that it has signed a collaboration agreement with US‐based enhanced oil recovery company, Titan Oil Recovery Inc. The agreement allows Hunting to add Organic Oil Recovery (OOR) to a growing list of Hunting ‘TEK‐Hub’ products and technologies focussed on enhancing production in late field life . . .

31May '11

Letter from Alan J. Heeger, Nobel Laureate in Chemistry

I was introduced to Titan Oil Recovery, Inc. and the Titan Process for enhanced oil recovery four years ago. I must admit that I was initially skeptical. The data have subsequently convinced me that the Titan opportunity is based upon an important discovery . . .

09Feb '09

Tiny Prospectors

TOURISTS BUYING overpriced sunglasses in Beverly Hills might be alarmed to learn that in the porous rock a mile beneath their feet, bacteria are slathering themselves in oil. They have been driven to do so with a chemical cocktail that oil workers injected into the ground . . .